done for

done for
1. destroyed or killed (Freq. 1)

we are gone geese

Syn: ↑kaput, ↑gone
Similar to: ↑destroyed
Usage Domain: ↑colloquialism
2. doomed to extinction
Syn: ↑ruined, ↑sunk, ↑undone, ↑washed-up
Similar to: ↑unsuccessful

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RUINED, finished, destroyed, undone, doomed, lost; informal washed-up.

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\\ˈdənˌfȯ(ə)r, -ȯ(ə)\ adjective
1. : irretrievably lost or mortally stricken : doomed

when we saw the explosion we thought he was done for

2. : left with no effective power and no capacity or opportunity for recovery : down-and-out

defeat in this election would mean he was done for, his career at an end

3. : sunk in defeat : washed-up, beaten

you know, it may come out any day, and then we're done for — George Meredith

if this country ever runs out of people who don't like to be pushed around, we are done for — Elmer Davis

4. : relegated to the discard

the impression that the old, great, simple books are declassed, passé, dated, outmoded, done for — J.C.Powys

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informal in a situation so bad that it is impossible to get out

if he gets them, we'll all be done for

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done for
1 : in a very bad situation : certain to fail, lose, be punished, etc.

If she finds out we cheated, we're done for. [=in trouble]

We'll never catch up now. We're done for.

2 : certain to die or be killed

When we saw the explosion, we thought she was done for.

— see also do for 1 at do, 1
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